Proudly Serving ROCKYVIEW COUNTY and Area for over 15 years

Regular Lawn Care:

Regular Lawn Mowing keeps your lawn looking its best. Regular lawn mowing is done either weekly or bi weekly periods. or more frequent based on your lawn's needs. Service includes mowing, trimming, both front and back yard. Weeds in the cracks of side walks will be trimmed. After we cut and trim your lawn, we will blow your lawn to clean up any debris. The option of Bagging your clippings or mulching is available.  Clippings are left in the city trimmings bin or taken away at a flat rate per bag.


Aeration is the process of creating thousands of holes in your lawn bring up what is known as "cores".  The removal of these cores gives great benefits to your lawn.

1. It improves water flow, oxygen and nutrients through the soil. Making watering your lawn more effective in less time, saving you money.

2. Encourages Grass to root more deeply, promoting healthier growth.

3. Helps control Thatch. The cores bring micro-organisms to the surface to help decompose thatch and aid in lawn growth and development.

Power Raking or Dethatching:

Thatch is a layer of living and dead stems, leaves, and roots accumulated between the actively growing grass and the soil underneath. It is a normal component of turfgrass, as it develops it can restrict the movement of air, water, fertilizer and other materials to the roots. Power Raking your lawn:

1. Allows the water and air to reach the soil.

2. Promotes root growth.

3. Reduces insect and bug populations.


A healthy lawn requires 3 times less water than an unhealthy lawn, to help achieve this feeding (or fertilization) is recommended every other month.  Feeding in early spring helps stimulate healthy roots. Late spring to replace many of the nutrients lost and in the fall to help with the recovery from summer.  Fertilizers typically have 3 numbers associated.  (N) - (P) - (K)

1. Nitrogen - N - Promotes leaf growth

2. Phosphorus- P - Promotes root growth

3. Potassium - K - Essential for stress resistance

Over Seeding:

Over Seeding is the process of adding new seeds to the lawn.  These new seeds germinate and this helps thicken the lawn.  A thick lawn is best way to prevent weeds from spreading and becoming a problem.  Their are many different types of seeds that all strive in different climates, to ensure that our clients receive quality seed that meets their needs we buy locally, proven successful seed.  Their are two main blends of seed that we offer:

1. Kentucky blend of seed, this offers your lawn that traditional dark green color for use in high maintenance areas.

2. Fesuce blend of seed, this blend offers your lawn a low maintenance alternative that requires less water, fertilization, and grows slower. It is lime green in color.

3. Other types of grass are available depending on your individual needs, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us.

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